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The Contract Tracking Database provides a list of the City's on-going contracts as well as information related to the term, cost and administrator of the contract. The database will be updated on a regular basis by city staff as existing contracts expire and new contracts are approved.
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Description Type Signatory Department Division Administrator Admin Email Business Unit Object Code Start date Expire date Duration Payment Frequency Periodic Payment Annual Amount Total Value($) Auto Renew? Notification Period Ordinance PDF MWEBE _________Comments_________
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Liberty Flag and Banner pole banners and brackets plus installation services Maple/Foster Business District Agreement Liberty Flag and Banner Community/Economic Devlopment   Johanna Leonard jleonard@cityof     0000-00-00 0000-00-00         1,330.00       Liberty Flag and Banner - Maple Foster Business Districts - August 2019.pdf    
kimley-Horn and Associates Agreement for RFP 19-22 Mechanical Engineering Services HVAC for various City facilities Agreement Kimley-Horn and Associates Public Works Capital Improvement Dave Stoneback 4119 619015,619009 2019-08-05 2021-06-30         59,560       Kimley-Horn and Associates - Mechanical Engineering Services - HVAC RFP 19-22 - August 2019.pdf    
CCJM Engineers, Ltd. agreement for RFP 19-30 Engineering and Design for Emergency Generators for Various City Facilities Agreement CCJM Engineers, Ltd. Public Works Capital Improvement Dave Stoneback 4119 619008,619014 2019-08-05 2020-04-30         34,100       CCJM Engineers, LTD Engineering Design Services for Emergency Generators RFP 19-30 - August 2019.pdf    
Schroeder and Schroeder, Inc. contract for Bid 19-37 2019 Alley Improvements Contract B & CDBG Park Improvements Contract Schroeder and Schroeder, Inc. Public Works Capital Improvement Dave Stoneback 4119 65515 0000-00-00 0000-00-00         1,536,120.       Schroeder and Schroeder Inc, 2019 Alley Improvements Contract B & 2019 CDBG Park Improvements Bid 19-37- 2019.pdf    
Spring City Electrical for RFP 19-16 Tallmadge Street Lights Manufacture and Supply Agreement Spring City Electrical Public Works Capital Improvement Dave Stoneback 4119 65515 2019-08-31 2020-01-15         79,000       Spring City Eletrical Manufacturing - Tallmadge Street Pole & Luminares RFP 19-16- August 2019.pdf    
Precision Pavement Markings contract for Asphalt Pavement Marking Program Contract Precision Pavement Marking Public Works Infrastructure Dave Stoneback 4119 65515 2019-08-31 2019-12-31         110,000       Percision Pavement Markings - Asphault Marking program - July 2019.pdf    
Corrective Asphalt Materials LLC contract for 2019 Reclamite Rejunvenation Program Contract Corrective Asphalt Materials LLC Public Works Infrastructure Dave Stoneback 4119 65515 2019-08-31 2019-12-31         50,000       Corrective Asphault Materials - 2019 COE Reclamite Rejuvenation Program - Aug 2019.pdf    
Corrective Asphalt Materials LLC contract for the 2019 Reclamite Rejunvenation Program Contract Corrective Asphalt Material LLC Public Works Infrastructure Dave Stoneback 4119 65515 0000-00-00 0000-00-00                      
Yellow Brick Art Exhibition 2019 Agreement Illinois municipal corporation City Manager   Wally Bobkiewicz     2017-04-29 2019-04-15                 Contract_with_Yellowbrick.pdf    
Treated water storage replacement project Agreement Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Public Works   Wally Bobkiewicz     2019-03-31 2019-05-29         20556256.0       Treated_Water_Storage_Replacement_Project.pdf    
Vehicle Donation Agreement Agreement Illinois Municipal Corporation Police Wally Bobkiewicz     2019-04-29 0000-00-00         5000.00       Vehicle_Donation_Agreement.pdf    
Nissan Rouge Delivery & Acceptance Certificate Lease Agreement Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation Police   Wally Bobkiewicz     2019-04-08 2022-04-08         26748.00       Nissan_Rogue_Delivery_&_Acceptance_Certificate.pdf    
Evanston Art Center Lease at Harley Clark Mansion Lease Evanston Art Center City Manager   Wally Bobkiewicz     1996-06-01 2021-05-31       1.00/year         Evanston Art Center Lease Harley Clark Mansion 1996-2021.pdf    
Grant Agreement with the city of Evanston & Illinois home rule municipality Grant Agreement Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse City Manager   Kimberly Richardson     2019-05-29 2019-00-00         50000.00       Scanned_from_a_Xerox_Multifunction_Device.pdf    
MOU with the golf practice
Golf/Tennis camp
Agreement Canal Shores Golf Course Parks & Recreation   Wally Bobkiewicz     2019-06-01 2019-00-00                 Mou_with_the_Golf_Practice_for_Golf_&_Tennis_Camp.pdf    
Sherman Plaza Garage Security System Replacement Agreement BTR Engineering Consultants Public Works   Wally Bobkiewicz     2019-06-01 0000-00-00         12800.00       BTR_Engineering_Consultants_LLC_Sherman_garage_and_MapleAve_Security_Camera_System_-_May_2019.pdf    
Parking Garage Silane Sealer Application Agreement Play-Well TEKnologies Public Works   David Stoneback       2019-06-01 2019-08-31         620608.00       Bulley_&_Andrews_-_Parking_Garage_Silane_Sealer_Application_-_June_2019.pdf    
Lego camps for the city of Evanston Professional Service Agreement Play-Well TEKnologies Parks & Recreation   Karen Hawk     2019-06-01 2019-12-31                 LEGO_Camps_for_the_City_of_Evanston_-_Play-well_TEKnologies_-_May_2019.pdf    
1909 Raw Water Intake Replacement
RFP Number 19-02
Professional Services Agreement Stantec Consulting Services Public Works   Dave Stoneback     2019-06-01 2022-02-01         598909.00       Stantec_Consulting_Services_-_ 1909_Raw_Water_Intake_Replacement_-_Jun_ 2019.pdf    
J.A. Johnson Paving Company Agreement for 2019 Pavement Patching Agreement J.A. Johnson Paving Company Public Works Infrastructure Dave Stoneback 4119 65515 2019-01-01 2019-12-31         650,000       J. A. Johnson Paving - Contractor Services Agreement - Pavement Patching Program 2019.pdf    

Page: 1 of 58  Records: 1160
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