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Applicants must be 18+ to make a reservationMore Than 2 days before the item begin date.
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Item completely between 04/15/23 - 11/13/23.
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Capacity is limited to 150 or less people

Ackerman Park2430 Central St.Evanston, IL, 60201Facility: Ackerman Park

$55.00 $70.00

· Applications will be accepted for event dates from April 15- November 13, 2023.
· Picnic permits are required for groups of 30 people or more or in order to reserve a picnic area
· Park Permits are limited to 150 or fewer people.
· For groups of 100 or more, a certificate of liability insurance naming the City of Evanston as an additional insured is required.
· Proof of liability insurance is due three weeks prior to the rental date
· This is a request to hold an available date and time for a picnic permit.
· The picnic sections of the park are reserved in 2 hour time blocks.
· The fee is $50 resident and $65 non-resident for each 2 hour block.
· A Parks and Recreation staff member will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the request and collect payment.
· No reservations are confirmed unless payment has been made.

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